Update on the Ontario Autism Program – Foundational Family Services

Ontario recently announced that it would be providing families in the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) with “foundational family services” as part of a new needs-based, sustainable and family-centered OAP. The first phase of the foundational family services was launched on August 7 and includes access to virtual, self-directed, in-person and group-based services, in addition to services that are tailored to regional, language and cultural needs.

The services will be available through select providers and may include:

    • Family and peer mentoring;
    • Caregiver workshops and follow-up coaching sessions;
    • Brief targeted consultation;
    • Transition supports; and
    • Family resource and clinic days.

Anyone registered in the OAP is eligible to receive unlimited foundational family services, whether a child or youth is on a waitlist, receiving one-time funding or a childhood budget, or has an existing OAP behaviour plan. The services can be accessed at any time and at no cost. To access foundational family services, find a service provider in your area here.

To learn more about the OAP, visit Ontario.ca/autism or contact the Central Intake and Registration Team by email oap@ontario.ca or phone 1-888-444-4530.

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