Service Contracts & Operations Management

At PooranLaw, we believe in developing an in-depth understanding of the legal, operational and service structures of each of our clients. We can address all of your organization’s needs – from start-up to wind-up and every stage in between.  Your organization’s service agreements with the people and families you support are critical to defining your relationship with them, ensuring they understand their legal rights and obligations, and ensuring your organization is complying with applicable regulatory obligations, ministerial directives and guidelines.

We regularly assist our clients with a range of agreements, including:

  • Individualized and direct funding agreements
  • Residential support agreements and tenancy agreements
  • Fee for service agreements
  • Funding brokerage agreements
  • Host Family Program / Family Home Program service agreements and policies
  • Respite service agreements
  • Regulatory audits and risk assessments
  • Broader Public Service Accountability Act compliance and directives

We also assist our clients in managing sensitive issues such as substitute decision making, consent and capacity, privacy and health care law matters.

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