Small firm feel – big firm expertise

At PooranLaw, we combine the best of our big firm Bay Street background with our small firm commitment to treating every client as our most important client:

  • We provide high quality professional services and innovative legal options while building relationships you can rely on. When you need us, the PooranLaw lawyer you know and trust will be there for you.
  • To respect the financial and funding constraints our clients face, we avoid the bloated overhead that makes big firms economically untenable. Instead, we run lean and efficient, using technology and the bank of sector specific resources we’ve developed over the years to keep costs low.

Integrated services

Ever get tired of explaining the complexities of your situation, your funding, the regulations you’re constrained by and the challenges you face? We get it. PooranLaw has brought together a diverse team of legal professionals with sector specific knowledge and a wealth of experience dealing with the complex web of laws, regulations and funding arrangements that you navigate every day:

  • For people and families, this means we provide wraparound legal services for every stage of life. From assisting with accessing supports in education, advocating for fairness at work and advising on the ODSP, to acting on all aspects of relationship and marriage breakdown, and building secure futures through complex tax, trust and estate planning, including comprehensive domestic contracts – we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.
  • For not-for-profits, charities and social enterprises, it means we act as your business partner with innovative sector specific solutions to support your organization. From start-up and incorporation, to labour and employment optimization, to service delivery restructuring – we’ve got you covered, every step of the way.