Workplace Investigations

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, employers are required to protect employees from violence, discrimination and harassment in the workplace. In addition, human rights legislation holds employers responsible for adopting and enforcing anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies. Failure to take the appropriate steps could expose your organization to unnecessary risk.

Clients benefit from PooranLaw’s extensive expertise in the area of neutral workplace investigations – we have conducted them in a broad range of settings, from large academic institutions to small not-for-profit organizations. Our experience within the human rights arena has provided us with sound knowledge of the legal tests, allowing us to produce comprehensive, detailed, impartial and timely reports outlining our factual findings, legal opinions and recommendations. We also have a reputation for being fair and producing reports which can be used in the most sensitive workplace matters, including discrimination, harassment, fraud, poisoned work environments and reprisals.

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