Your Life

Whole Life… Whole Person… Whole Plan…

At the Whole Life Planning Centre our mission is to help people and families to plan for and secure a “Whole Life” for the people and families we support.

What is a Whole Life?

A full life…a secure life…a good life… a life where goals and dreams are identified, worked towards and fulfilled.

Every person’s Whole Life will be different and require a different plan… but having a plan, the process for putting it in place and the supports required to achieve the plan are important, particularly for a person with a disability and their family members.

Whether your vision for a Whole Life is focused on financial security, a rich social life, finding your dream housing situation, a meaningful job, or all of these items, the Whole Life Planning Centre has the expertise to support you in developing a plan to make your vision a reality.

Planning by Life Stage

Your life priorities will be different at each stage of life.  Your focus as a parent or family member of a newborn or young child with a disability will be different from the concerns you may have when your loved one is aging out of school, and different again from the concerns you will have when your loved one is entering their senior years.  Key considerations and concerns for each life stage are further detailed in our Whole Life – Lifeline that outlines Whole Life planning at each stage.

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