Social Enterprise

Kick-Start Your Social Enterprise with PooranLaw

Have a great business idea, but not sure how to proceed? PooranLaw can help you become a powerful and dynamic agent for social change. We are uniquely placed to offer wrap-around services to help you take your business idea to market and setting you up for success. We will guide you through our tried and tested step-by step approach and offer the following services along the way.

What is a Social Enterprise?

A business that sells goods or provide services for the purpose of creating a blended return on investment. Profits are used to generate social impact, rather than maximize profits to shareholders. The social enterprise may be initiated by a sole proprietor, not- for-profit, charity or for profit entity.

What are the Main Benefits?

Diversified and additional revenue to fund more social support services and/or create employment opportunities for targeted communities (for example, people who have a disability).

Our Services

      • Legal services:
          • Identify the appropriate legal structure and governance framework based on your goals and current operating status
          • Support throughout the incorporation process
          • Set-up and maintain proper governing documents, service agreements
      • Business planning and modeling, social impact analysis and reporting  support
          • Templates for budgeting, measuring success and social impact
          • Provide tools to measure social impact for internal and external users
          • Tips to facilitate the approval process with external funders and Boards if applicable
      • Accounting/Auditing
          • Advise you on best practices, rules and your reporting obligations
          • Advice you on tax rules and formulate a plan to stay current with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) policies
          • Support with financial reporting practices and current compliance with the CRA
      • Communications and Marketing 
          • Templates for communications and marking strategies
          • Social media guidelines
          • Advice on creative tools

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