Tax Planning & the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) Eligibility

Future tax obligations can have a serious impact on your family’s future financial security. PooranLaw’s team of estate and tax planners can help you structure your finances, investments, trusts and estate plans to minimize tax liability and ensure your family can enjoy the benefit of your savings and thoughtful planning.

For people with disabilities and their families, tax planning is even more important. To ensure they maintain and maximize available federal and provincial tax credits and benefits, people with disabilities and their families regularly turn to PooranLaw’s specialized disability tax practice. Our experts provide specific planning advice and help clients manage their tax obligations as efficiently as possible.

Working in conjunction with our affiliate Ability Tax and Trust, we provide integrated tax planning and compliance services to ensure clients maximize tax-related disability benefits and minimize exposure to tax liability, while meeting their annual compliance obligations.

Our integrated tax and disability practice offers:

  • Multi-year disability tax reviews for people with a disability, caregivers and supporting family members
  • Family tax planning aimed at protecting assets for family members with a disability through Henson Trusts, Qualified Disability Trusts and Lifetime Benefit Trusts
  • Support and applications for the disability tax credit
  • Representation for disability-related tax credit audits
  • Prior year tax adjustment requests under the relief provisions
  • Annual filing of personal T1 income tax returns to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  • Applications under the Voluntary Disclosure Program to correct prior year personal income tax returns or file previously unfiled tax returns
  • Appeals of assessments and determinations by the CRA

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