Employment Law for Families Engaging Support Workers

At PooranLaw, we know that finding the right supports for your loved one can be a challenge. From securing funding, to recruiting a private support worker, to ensuring that worker gets paid, all of these issues present difficulties for caregivers who are already juggling more than the average family. The law related to how families engage workers, whether as self-employed independent contractors or as employees, is complex and poses risks for families that inadvertently mischaracterize their relationship with a worker.

PooranLaw’s team of employment lawyers have dedicated countless hours to helping families navigate the complex web of laws affecting their relationships with support workers. From employment standards compliance issues, to injuries on the job and Canada Revenue Agency reporting and remittance obligations, PooranLaw has an unparalleled knowledge of the law as it relates to advising families engaging support workers, as well as a demonstrated commitment to supporting families in the community.

For more information on best practices for engaging private workers check our our Insights Page on this topic.

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