Wrongful Dismissal & Civil Litigation

At PooranLaw, we are dedicated to advocating for the rights of our clients in all manner of disputes. We aggressively represent your interests and ensure you receive the highest quality legal representation.  Where possible we work with our clients and in collaboration with other parties to reach an agreement privately; this allows for amicable resolutions that preserve or mend relationships wherever possible.  These agreements put more control in the hands of the parties, and very often, the result is preferable to the winner-takes-all outcome when a court or tribunal decides a case.

However, when the parties cannot reach a negotiated agreement – and the administrative tribunal system is not the appropriate forum to seek the desired outcome – it may be necessary to launch a civil action and turn to the courts for resolution of the issues.

At PooranLaw, our lawyers have the proven skill and experience to represent people who feel they are being exploited or taken advantage of – whether through civil litigation, in Small Claims Court or through alternative dispute resolution.

In particular, PooranLaw professionals have specialized expertise providing legal advice in:

  • Advocating for employment rights of employees not represented by unions, including wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, workplace harassment and bullying, employment contracts and employee benefits claims
  • Advocating for employment rights of employees who are represented by a union but don’t feel that they are being adequately or fairly represented, including representing workers who have experienced discrimination in the course of employment and/or are not satisfied with the representation provided by their union

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