Trust & Estate Administration

With PooranLaw, clients have access to integrated services from a network of professionals who can address your trust and estate administration needs. You can choose from a number of options:

Regardless of the option you choose, you can count on PooranLaw for:

  • Assistance and peace of mind: Managing a trust can be a daunting task for an individual trustee. By seeking professional advice, the trustee can rest assured that no detail will be overlooked
  • Expertise and knowhow: Our lawyers routinely provide advice, guidance and representation in the establishment of Henson Trusts, Qualified Disability Trusts and Lifetime Benefit Trusts. We work extensively with people, families and organizations in the disabilities and developmental services sector, assisting them in navigating the rules and requirements of the Ontario Disability Support Program and the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Understanding and compassion: We understand that creating a secure, healthy and happy life for people with disabilities involves more than spending funds prudently, keeping accounts and filing tax returns. Instead, it is about supporting the inclusion of the person in the community and helping them realize their potential. With PooranLaw as trustee, the beneficiary’s welfare is front and centre; we develop a relationship with his or her network of family, friends and community supports to better understand his or her needs
  • Stability and security: Our team is uniquely positioned to deal with transition and has appropriate procedures in place to respond to a trustee’s evolving needs over the long term. Our detailed record keeping processes enable us to seamlessly transfer ongoing responsibilities between members of the PooranLaw team, as required
  • Affordability: Every dollar spent paying professional fees is a dollar that isn’t available to the beneficiary. Recognizing this, we have streamlined our procedures to make them as efficient as possible and keep our rates reasonable

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