Corporate Governance

At PooranLaw, we are committed to serving charities, not-for-profits and organizations with a social purpose. In our personal time we act as board members and executives on boards of directors for a number of not-for-profit and charitable organizations. Professionally, we act for many organizations in the developmental services, health, education, child care and charitable sectors, and provide a wide range of corporate services for charities and not-for-profits, including:

Start-Up & Incorporation: Select the Optimal Structure for Impact

PooranLaw will work with your organization to determine the best legal structure to achieve your objectives, such as establishing a social enterprise, partnership, co-op, not-for-profit or charity. Often, incorporation provides the best framework for not-for-profits or charities if they hold significant property or want to limit the liability of members and directors. PooranLaw has extensive experience incorporating corporate structures, applying for charitable status, drafting by-laws and governance policies, structuring amalgamations and brokering back-office collaborations.

Not-For-Profit Legislation Compliance: ONCA or CNCA

PooranLaw has been tracking the implementation of the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) since it was introduced in 2010. While the progress of the ONCA has been delayed, the scheduled coming-into-force of the legislation is expected to be in January 2020.

PooranLaw can assist provincially-incorporated not-for-profit organizations in planning for the ONCA – a valuable opportunity to undertake a thorough review of by-laws, policies and governance practices to ensure they are up-to-date and reflective of the organization’s best practices.

Alternatively, not-for-profits may choose to incorporate under federal legislation, the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act (CNCA). PooranLaw is well-versed in both the provincial and federal legislation and welcomes the opportunity to discuss your options with you.

For more on ONCA, click here.

Corporate Governance, Policies & Training

PooranLaw can assist charities and not-for-profits in running their organizations and ensuring they are accountable to donors and stakeholders. We can draft policies, review your by-laws and offer suggestions for improvement. We will also help you navigate the ever-evolving area of not-for-profit and charity law in Canada, including ongoing training to ensure you and your employees remain up-to-date and informed.

Director & Officer Liability

At PooranLaw, we assist directors and officers in fulfilling their legal duties to a corporation and in ensuring that they are adequately protected from liability as issues arise. In addition, we can represent directors and officers who have been named in legal actions in court or before administrative tribunals.

Applications for Charitable Status

Charitable status may be necessary for not-for-profit organizations that receive a majority of funding from private donations as donors gain significant tax advantages from giving to a registered charity. Applying for charitable status can be challenging – organizations benefit from seeking professional assistance. PooranLaw can help you establish a registered charity and can ensure your organization meets compliance requirements once it obtains charitable status.

Restructuring, Dissolutions, Mergers & Amalgamations: Restructuring for Efficiency & Collaboration

PooranLaw can help you achieve scale through a merger or acquisition while ensuring that your mission remains in sharp focus. We provide a full complement of services related to restructuring – from corporate and taxation analysis and incorporation services, to labour analysis and strategic negotiations with unions and employees.

Funding: Apply for, Agree to & Manage Funding

Social purpose organizations routinely rely on PooranLaw for assistance with applying for and obtaining funding from government or charitable institutions to fund crucial social services.

Contracts: Get It In Writing

PooranLaw lawyers draft and review contracts with your funders, the people and families you support, partners, vendors and suppliers to ensure that you maximize your funding, protect your organization and have a clear framework for your operations and relationships in the community.  We also provide operations and contract supports services [link to service contracts and operations management page].

General Corporate Counsel: Get Quality Advice & Contract Documentation

Acting as your organization’s general counsel, PooranLaw offers access to a broad range of services and support. Committed to being your partner through every stage of your organization’s lifecycle, our lawyers can provide guidance in the event legal challenges arise. We can also assist you in drafting all relevant corporate documents, including shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, employment contracts, by-laws and policies.

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