ODSP – Ontario Disability Support Plan

The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) provides eligible people with disabilities with financial assistance to help pay for their living expenses (such as food, clothing and other necessary personal items) and their housing expenses (such as rent, utilities, property taxes, home insurance and condo fees).

At PooranLaw, we have the necessary expertise to assist people with their ODSP applications. We also provide advice and representation when an application for benefits has been denied and you decide to appeal the decision. In addition, we have experience helping clients maintain their eligibility: since ODSP income support takes into account income or assets from other sources, it’s critical to seek advice from professionals when planning an estate or establishing a trust for the benefit of your loved one with a disability.

If you are currently receiving ODSP benefits, you and your family may also be eligible for other assistance, including health benefits, disability-related benefits, employment incentives, housing-related benefits and the Transition Child Benefit.

Contact us to find out more about applying for the ODSP and other benefits for which you may be eligible.