Acting as your professional estate trustee and/or trustee of a Henson Trust

PooranLaw is pleased to offer trustee services in collaboration with our partners, Concentra Trust and Ability Tax and Trust. A nationally-recognized chartered bank and trust company, Concentra Trust accepts formal trustee appointments, while PooranLaw and our affiliate, Ability Tax and Trust, offer legal and tax services associated with the administration of trusts and estates. Together, as a one-stop shop, we will ensure that your intentions are carried out and your beneficiaries’ needs are met.

When designated as trustees in your will, PooranLaw, Concentra and Ability Tax and Trust will:

  • Draft trust documents, collect income and dividends, safeguard any assets and invest capital
  • Distribute assets in an estate or trust in accordance with the terms of the will or trust
  • Manage audits and reviews by the Canada Revenue Agency, Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee, and the courts
  • Communicate with the Ontario Disability Savings Program (ODSP)
  • Complete tax planning and compliance filing for trusts and beneficiaries
  • Maintain accounting records and trust minute books
  • Provide legal advice, as necessary

Contact us to find out more about appointing PooranLaw and our partners as the trustees for your estate or trust.