Your Plan

Why Whole Life Planning?

Developing a Whole Life Plan that includes resources for supports and services is crucial for your family member’s future in both the long and the short term.

Our Whole Life Plan will allow you to ensure that your loved one is financially secure, that their government benefits won’t be interrupted or discontinued, that they have structure in place to support them in making everyday decisions, and that their living circumstances and life in the community are adequately supported.

Our Inclusive Planning process

 At the Whole Life Planning Centre, we provide wrap-around support that embraces every aspect of your loved one’s life. We work with you and your loved one to build a secure, supportive and inclusive Whole Life Plan. In addition to our legal team, the development of the plan often includes expertise from our network of professional advisors, including financial planners, independent facilitators and tax accountants from our affiliate Ability Tax & Trust.

What is involved?

Many people believe that planning for a person with a disability begins and ends with a Henson Trust.  In fact, the Henson Trust is just one piece of a much larger puzzle – and all of the pieces need to be considered so that they work together to create a Whole Life Plan. Whole Life Planning not only ensures financial security, but long term networks of support including everything from decision making and housing, to relationship building and support workers.

Your Plan

Essential components of any Whole Life Plan may include:

    • Wills, Estates, and Trusts
    • Trustee Services – PooranLaw Estate & Trust Program
    • Consent, Capacity & Legal Decision-Making
    • Disability Tax Credit and/or other tax-related planning
    • ODSP, Social Assistance and other forms of Government Funding
    • Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSP) and Financial Advisory
    • Microboards and Independent Facilitation
    • Innovative Housing
    • Securing and managing private support workers.

No matter what your stage of life, establishing a plan is a vital step towards ensuring future financial security and well-being.

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