Update on Pro Bono Legal Services

Since 2019, PooranLaw has been providing free legal services to low-income residents of Windsor-Essex living with an intellectual disability. Thanks to the support of People First of Ontario, we were able to expand our program to residents of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in early 2020.

This time Last year, we celebrated a milestone of 100 pro bono (free) legal matters handled by our team. One year later, we are thrilled to report that this number has grown to well over 200 legal matters! The demand for our free services has shown us that there continues to be a large section of the population that is underserved by the legal community and facing difficulty accessing justice.

The main goal of our free legal services program is to advocate for the decision-making rights of people with intellectual disabilities. Through legal education and direct services, we aim to promote self-directed decisions and future planning.  For example, we have helped our clients to end guardianship orders, to create their own Powers of Attorney and Wills, and to address and remedy abuse in various forms, including financial, sexual, and physical abuse.  More recently, we have worked collaboratively with professionals from diverse backgrounds in order to develop plain language materials and communication tools to facilitate access to our legal services.

Looking ahead, we hope to continue building on this work and to amplifying the voices of those who have a disability in our community.

PooranLaw’s free legal services range from:

      • Decision-making rights and substitute decision-makers
      • Making Powers of Attorney
      • Challenging Guardianship
      • Consent and capacity for healthcare treatment
      • Preventing and reporting abuse and exploitation (including financial abuse and human trafficking)
      • Person-directed planning

We also offer:

      • Reduced rates on Wills
      • Legal education training sessions

Who is Eligible for Free Legal Services?

Residents of Windsor-Essex, or the GTA who have:

      • lower incomes (would qualify for legal aid services), and
      • an intellectual disability and/or acquired brain injury


If we can be of assistance, please contact our office by phone at 416-860-7572 or by email at info@pooranlaw.com

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