An Overview of PooranLaw’s I Decide Law Program (2023)

Since 2019, PooranLaw has been providing free legal services to low-income residents of Ontario with an intellectual disability. Through our I Decide Law ProgramTM, we have assisted over 100 clients with over 325 pro bono (free) legal matters.

Our one-of-a-kind program provides free rights-based education, advocacy and direct legal services aimed at promoting self-directed decision. Too often, people with intellectual disabilities experience significant financial constraints, social isolation and dependence on others for their basic needs, resulting in immense barriers to accessing legal supports.

Some examples of our work:

      • Seeking alternatives to guardianship that are less restrictive and that promote independence in accessing services, supports and funding.
      • Terminating guardianship orders and assisting people with disabilities to regain their decision-making rights.
      • Addressing and remedying abuse in various forms, including financial, sexual and physical.
      • Assisting people to create and/or revoke their Powers of Attorney and Wills.
      • Offering rights-based legal advice with respect to consent and capacity issues arising in the context of personal care, healthcare and financial management decisions.
      • Advocating for higher ODSP (disability) benefit rates – more on this below. We have helped over 30 people to increase their income by more than $270/month on average.
      • Developing plans for sheltering inheritances and other sources of income in order to protect their ODSP benefits.
      • Collaborating with professionals from diverse backgrounds to develop plain language materials and communication tools to facilitate access to our legal services and other community-based supports.

If we can be of assistance, please contact our office by phone at 416-860-7572 or by email at