Report on Pro Bono Legal Services

In August of 2019, PooranLaw began a free legal services program for residents of Windsor and Essex County.  Our pro bono (free) services are built on The I Decide Project, previously offered through Legal Assistance of Windsor.  Through our program, we aim to deliver rights-based education and services to community members with intellectual disabilities, in order to promote self-directed decisions and planning.

We were thrilled to expand this pro bono program to residents of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in April 2020, thanks to support from People First of Ontario.

In the past year, we have handled 76 individual legal matters through our pro bono programs, 26 of which have come from the GTA.  We have provided a wide range of legal services, including: providing advice regarding decision-making rights; creating Powers of Attorney and Wills; and making meaningful referrals to community partners and supports.

We have also assisted individuals who have been vulnerable to sexual, physical, or financial abuse in seeking compensation.  In addition, we have provided advice and representation to people subject to guardianship applications and orders.  With the benefit of legal advocacy, many people have found their voice and have begun to take greater ownership of their decision-making.

Finally, we are presently engaged in tackling systemic issues relating to ODSP recipients who are being inappropriately categorized under the “board & lodge” rate and therefore receiving lower monthly benefits than other people with disabilities.

We could not be more excited about the demand for our services and we look forward to another successful year with our pro bono program!

PooranLaw’s Free Legal Services:

    • Decision-making rights and substitute decision-makers
    • Making Powers of Attorney
    • Challenging Guardianship
    • Consent and capacity for healthcare treatment
    • Preventing and reporting abuse and exploitation (including financial abuse and human trafficking)
    • Person-directed planning

We also offer:

    • Reduced rates on Wills
    • Legal education training sessions

Who is Eligible for Free Legal Services?

Residents of Windsor-Essex, or the GTA who have:

    • lower incomes (would qualify for legal aid services), and
    • an intellectual disability and/or acquired brain injury

If we can be of assistance, please contact our office by phone at 416-860-7572 or by email at