PooranLaw’s COVID Recovery Support

COVID-19 has posed many challenges for employers and individuals alike and throughout PooranLaw has been committed to supporting agencies in the developmental services sector (the “DS Sector”) with up to the minute information, insight and analysis to help them navigate through these turbulent times.

This year, our firm continued its bi-weekly Legal Update webinar series to provide the DS Sector with up-to-date information about the law and how it impacts operations. This series of hour-long webinars reached its 46th entry this December, representing hundreds of hours of work in preparation and presentation.  Our labour and employment team will continue to provide lunch-hour webinars on alternating Wednesdays in the New Year to provide those on the frontlines with the latest updates on vaccination law, COVID-19 decisions, and much more beyond (including important non-COVID-19 legal updates). Register here.

Our firm has also continued to provide timely and concise written updates on its website, pooranlaw.com, and will continue to do so in the year ahead. From breakdowns of the latest mandatory vaccination cases to the latest twists and turns on pay equity law, our firm has been committed to delivering the information that the DS Sector needs now. For those who have not already done so, you can subscribe to our newsletter here.

This year has been one for the history books. It has been a privilege to support you all through it with legal updates, and we look forward to continuing to do so in the year 2022. Happy holidays and a very happy New Years – we’ll see you soon.

PooranLaw will continue to monitor the ongoing legal developments related to COVID-19 and labour and employment law more generally.  In the meantime, if you require legal assistance, we encourage you to reach out to your regular PooranLaw lawyer, or any member of our team.

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