PooranLaw’s Comments on Ontario Budget 2018

Posted: 5 April 2018

Care and Support Front and Centre in Recent Ontario Budget Announcement: Implications for People with Disabilities, their Families and Government Funded Service Agencies

The word “CARE” was mentioned over 35 times last week as Finance Minister, Charles Souza revealed the “Plan for Care and Opportunity Budget”. As you are likely aware by now, included in this 2018-2019 budget are five (5) related changes that will have a significant impact on the people with disabilities, their families and the not-for-profit governmental funded agencies that support them. These changes include:

1. Improvements to Social Assistance and ODSP

a. ODSP Benefit increases;

b. Employment Earnings limit increases;

c. Asset limits eliminated.

2.  Funding increases to the Passport and Special Services at Home (SSAH) Programs.
3.  Investment in agencies supporting people with disabilities and their families.

4.  Increases in funding for Ontarians with autism spectrum disorder and their families.

5.  Increases in funding for special education assessments.

Although the details of these proposed changes are sparse at present, in some cases referred to in no more than a few words in the Budget documents, PooranLaw is cautiously optimistic about the benefit these changes could mean for people with disabilities and their families. In fact, many of these changes are law reform initiatives that PooranLaw has been involved with others in promoting and lobbying the government on for years.
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