Microboards: A primer

A Microboard is comprised of a small group of family and friends who join together with a person to create an incorporated not-for-profit organization. The term “Microboard” was adopted from Vela Canada, an organization in British Columbia that has supported the creation of more than 1,000 such not-for-profit corporations in B.C. since 1990.

Why establish a Microboard?

Microboards are focused on the self-determination and personal empowerment of persons with disabilities. Through incorporation, a Microboard formalizes a personal network, ensuring that individuals are supported throughout their lifetime, not only by family members, but by their communities. Microboards provide additional informal supports to people with disabilities, and enhance and facilitate future planning and financial security.

A Microboard can assist a person with a disability with:

  • Planning his or her life
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Advocating for what they need
  • Monitoring services and ensuring they are safe
  • Connecting to his or her wider community
  • Doing fun things together

People with disabilities and their families form Microboards to:

  • Administer individualized funding arrangements
  • Employ or contract with support workers
  • Receive and manage income and disability supports
  • Support trustees of trusts for which the individual is the beneficiary
  • Support the plan holder(s) of the RDSP for which the individual is the beneficiary (which may include the individual)
  • Advocate for additional supports and resources

How is a Microboard established?

A Microboard is established by federal or provincial incorporation, which includes the filing of articles of incorporation and by-laws to guide its operation. At least five or more persons – either family members or non-family members – must be named to the Board of Directors. Directors should be persons who know and care about the person, and who may already form part of his or her personal network.

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