Intersection of Disability and Criminal Law

The intersection of disability and criminal law highlights the intricate challenges faced by individuals with disabilities within the legal system, often overlooked or inadequately addressed by the criminal justice system.  PooranLaw has expanded its expertise in this area with the addition of Senior Associate Alisa Khan Parikh, aiming to contribute to alleviating the disproportionate impact of the criminal justice system on people with disabilities. At PooranLaw, our holistic approach considers the unique needs of this population, emphasizing fair treatment, inclusivity, and opportunities for rehabilitation. In the past year, we successfully assisted individuals facing various criminal charges, ranging from breach of probation orders to criminal harassment and sexual assault. Notably, all charges in these cases were dropped by the Crown.

Our commitment and expertise extend to supporting employers, , service providers and victims. For employers, we liaise with the police, monitor criminal proceedings, and provide ongoing consultations and legal advice. For service providers, we provide guidance on when to involve the police, balancing the rights of the person supported with employee protection, and advising on cases involving both the accused and victims under organizational support. Finally for victims, we advocate through discussions with Crowns, judges, and probation officers, present sentencing submissions, develop victim statements, and assist with trial preparation.

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