Human Rights Code: Links & Resources

Pooranlaw has gathered a wealth of resources and links for clients seeking information regarding information about Human Rights Law in Ontario, all in a single location for ease of reference.  Check back here often for updates on recent legislative developments and the latest in free reference material.


Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO):

Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC):

Human Rights Legal Support Centre (HRLSC):

Key Policies

OHRC Policy on Accessible Education for Students with Disabilities:

OHRC Policy on Ableism and Discrimination Based on Disability:

OHRC Policy Position on sexualized and gender-specific dress codes:

OHRC Policy on Preventing Discrimination based on Mental Health Disabilities and Additions:

OHRC Policy on Removing the “Canadian Experience” Barrier:“canadian-experience”-barrier

HRLSC Eligibility Policy:

Additional Resources

HRTO ‘Application Process’:

The Ontario Human Rights Commission has recorded webinars and e-courses on human rights and the Human Rights Code:



Brochures, fact sheets, guides: