COVID-19: Resilient Communities Fund

The Resilient Communities Fund is provided by Ontario Trillium Foundation (“OTF”) to non-profits and charities affected by COVID-19. It is a one-time re-direction of funds that is intended to support eligible non-profit organizations recover from the impacts of the pandemic. Eligible non-profit organizations can request a grant amount, ranging from $5,000 to $150,000 during one of two application periods. They can apply online through OTF’s granting portal. The next application deadline is December 2, 2020 at 5 pm EST.

The Resilient Communities Fund provides funding that can be used for one or more of the following five activities:

    1. Equipping board members and employees with supports to implement new approaches (e.g. organizational training and coaching, strategic planning and implementation, research & development; mental and physical health and wellbeing supports).
    2. Improving access to financial resources and developing new and/or alternative sources of revenues (e.g. developing fundraising plans, identifying fundraisers and financial technology resources, seeking opportunities for public-private partnerships and social finance).
    3. Adapting or re-imagining delivery of programs and services (e.g. identifying new health and safety processes and required personal protective equipment; technology supports; staffing and volunteer recruitment and training).
    4. Procuring equipment or renovating spaces to adapt to new ways of working (e.g. equipment and/or renovations to meet changing technology health and safety, and service delivery requirements).
    5. Creating and/or adopting new approaches for organizations to work together (e.g. peer learning, professional development, networking, resource, knowledge and data sharing).

Please note that the Resilient Communities Fund redirects funding from Grow and Capital cycles for 2020 into a one-time fund and so it does not provide “new” funding.

PooranLaw is committed to continuing to work with non-profits organizations in rebuilding and recovering from the impacts of COVID-19. For more information about the Resilient Communities Fund, click here.

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