Brendon Pooran is Proud to be a Founding Director of Microboards Ontario

Microboards Ontario

Microboards Ontario, a not-for-profit organization, was founded by a group of grassroots community leaders and disability activities in the summer of 2018 to promote the development of self-directed support organizations (also known as MicroboardsTM) in the province. MicroboardsTM are not-for-profit corporations that formalize support networks for people with disabilities, enhance supported decision making, provide alternatives for managing direct funding and promote future planning and facilitate connections to the community. PooranLaw Partner, Brendon Pooran, alongside other community leaders, has collaborated with families and organizations across Canada to gather best practices and develop a principles and strategic approach to MicroboardsTM that makes sense for Ontarians best on our legislative and funding environment.  The Microboards Ontario working group met with Vela Canada, an organization based in British Columbia, and the Bloomfield family in Guelph, Ontario, who were instrumental in sharing their knowledge and experiences. Vela Canada has been in operation for more than 25 years and has successfully supported more than 1,200 MicroboardsTM in British Columbia, while the Bloomfields were among the first to form ”Aroha” entities in Ontario.

Following consultation, the working group formed a plan to establish Microboards Ontario, with an objective to provide leadership and encourage the development of MicroboardsTM through education, advocacy and support for communities in the province. Brendon is proud to be the founding chair of the organization.

What is a MicroboardTM?

For families of persons with a disability, establishing a MicroboardTM is prudent, practical and can provide peace of mind. A MicroboardTM consists of a small circle of family members and friends who join together with a person to form a not-for-profit corporation.  Supported by a MicroboardTM, a person with a disability is empowered to make his or her own life decisions.  Further, MicroboardsTM can assist a person with planning, advocacy, monitoring supports, connecting to his or her community, administering funding and liaising with trustees, RDSP and ODSP representatives.

A MicroboardTM provides reassurance that a person is supported as primary caregivers age and pass away.  The central idea behind a MicroboardTM is that supports are provided by directors of the corporation, all of whom have deep, personal relationships with the individual.

PooranLaw will keep you in the loop as Microboards Ontario continues to develop. In the meantime, for more information or to receive the latest news on Microboards Ontario, please visit