Black History Month: The Intersectionality of Race and Disability

February is Black History Month. A time to learn, to celebrate and to grow.

This year we are focusing on the intersectionality of race and disability, which are often seen as two separate classes of oppression. They do, however, intersect. We see this in our own practice. Having a disability ultimately means barriers. Barriers to education, to information, to inclusion. Having a disability and identifying as part of the Black or other racialized community means additional barriers and complexities to navigate. Particularly when it comes to accessing care, justice, or supports.

As a social justice law firm, our commitment is two-pronged. First, we are committed to ensuring that our staff have the tools and agency to call out anti-Black and other racially motivated discrimination they may experience. Second, we want to provide our clients with information that appropriately supports your diverse needs. We want to provide inclusive advice, free of racially motivated biases.

To help, we have compiled some resources that offer insights on understanding the connections between racism and ableism, we thought we’d share them with you:

PooranLaw has been intentionally building its EDI foundation, and we fully plan on growing our efforts in 2023.

Happy reading!