November 20 – Webinar – Personal Harassment: Identifying, Avoiding, and Addressing Harassment in the Workplace

In July 2016, changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act imposed new requirements for employers to develop policies, train workers and investigate allegations related to workplace harassment.

While harassment and bullying have always been serious concerns for employers, these new legislative requirements have precipitated a surge in harassment complaints. Our DS Sector clients have seen an increase in allegations of bullying as against co-workers, supervisors, and even Board and family members, and, perhaps more challenging, in relation to performance management.

In this one hour webinar, DS Sector Labour and Employment Specialist, Cheryl Wiles Pooran, will address the following topics:

1. What is harassment

2. Legal requirements for addressing harassment

3. Best practices for avoiding and addressing harassment as between co-workers, by family members and Board Members

4. Performance management – tips and traps for avoiding harassment.

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